What We Do

We provide solutions to health plans, employers and providers that improve health for people living with chronic disease.

Complexity in our healthcare system continues to drive high costs and put quality at risk for payers, providers and employers. Evi-Base builds flexible solutions to proactively support cost and quality concerns such as Medicare Stars and value-based contracting.

Connecting patients to health plans, providers and community to drive improved outcomes.

Evi-Base impacts:

Self-Management Education​

Health and prevention self-management programs focus on preparing people with chronic conditions for the 99% of the time they live outside the health care system (source: Kate Lorig, RN, PhD, Stanford Patient Education Center ). We offer a suite of products – MyLife Programs – that deliver self-management education to people living with chronic disease.

Specific programs include:

Peer Support

Evi-Base peer support is the essential and coveted ingredient that produces our unsurpassed engagement and satisfaction rates. The Evi-Base model combines gold-standard evidence-based curriculums with trained peer support coaches to maximize patient engagement and optimize patient activation to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Patient Engagement


Our success with Patient Engagement sets us apart from the crowd. High risk patients who complete care management programs have substantially better outcomes than those who do not. Overall, Evi-Base programs experience higher than average graduation rates. Click here to learn more.

E-Health & Medical Devices

The Evi-Base health coach serves as an important adjunct to web-based technology and medical devices utilized for wellness and disease management. Human connection is essential to long-term engagement and improving health outcomes.


Evi-Base programs, using effective high touch methodologies, can be a primary driver for health cost savings for your employees. Our patient engagement has a direct impact on every important metric of success: costs, clinical outcomes and satisfaction

Personal Health Coaching

Evi-Base health coaches are person-centered, highly skilled and trained professionals. We successfully motivate patients to establish personal health goals, provide accountability to make lasting behavior changes, and improve lifestyle choices.

Our health coaches build capacity and integrate with Care Coordinators and Case Managers to improve patient engagement, medication adherence, and overall patient satisfaction.

Make peer support and personal health coaching a benefit feature in your Medicare Advantage plan!